Boudoir Styled Photo Session

Art Around Photography invites you to join us for one very hot session in this cold winter weather! 🔥

This time our theme is Boudoir, from a French word for a lady’s private room. What is behind the closed door of this room? Let's open it and discover together! Each one of you pretty ladies has something unique and hidden there, something maybe you never even knew about yourself. It's so intriguing, I get goosebumps thinking about all the possibilities we can create together! 

I and my professional team will help you to uncover all the potential you have hidden inside you and together we will create something amazing! 

We will start with discovering which character suits you best or which one you always wanted to be but dared not try. We have prepared different styles of decorations, attributes and accessories to suit each of the images. You will choose from Wild Child, Lolita or Femme Fatale, or come up with your own character and we will be happy to assist you in creating the perfect concept. Our professional hair and make-up artist Alina Zorkina MUA will enhance your look with her magical brushes and hair curler. As a bonus, throughout the session, you will receive professional guidance from a top model Olga Gurkina

Watch out for new posts describing our three special characters - Wild Child, Lolita and Femme Fatale 👇