Hi, my name is Julia Ciavaglia and I’m a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. 

I first became interested in photography whilst at university completing a Bachelor of Architecture degree. Using my camera to document buildings and landscapes I quickly realised that I had a natural talent and passion for capturing images of interest, character and beauty.  

This realisation, along with my creative personality, inspired me to begin taking photographs professionally and with the help of my partner I established Art Around Photography. Since then, I have done well over 100 professional photoshoots and have been published in high profile print magazines and online editorials. I love my photography work as much as spending quality time with my family - daughter Alice and husband Mark. 

Art Around Photography, to me, represents much more than a photographic service. Through Art Around Photography I am able to bring my creative visions to reality. With the design and production of colourful costumes and props, I aim to produce and capture beautiful and surreal scenes of fantasy and mystique. 

Often you, the client, have your own interesting and exciting creative visions and know exactly how you want your scene to be photographed. At Art Around Photography I always respect your ideas and take pleasure in helping you create the special images you desire. 

Should you prefer a beautiful portrait or want to document your favourite hobby, pass-time or maybe your child's growth, then these types of photoshoots are well within the scope of Art Around Photography. If you are unsure about any aspect of your photoshoot I am only too happy to work with you until we achieve a perfect result.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Art Around Photography and I look forward to talking with you! 



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